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Sony Wants to Be Part of the Tablet Race

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After the announcement of the iPad, more and more companies are stepping forward saying that they are interested and will become an active player in the tablet industry. Sony being among one of the bigger companies. [via Engadget]

Sony has long said it would cautiously approach the tablet market while it built up its Reader e-book line, but it looks like things are picking up a little steam: CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said the company is “very interested” in the tablet market during his post-earnings report news conference. Oneda said that Sony’s “confident we have the skills to create a product,” and that “Time-wise we are a little behind the iPad but it’s a space we would like to be an active player in.” We could certainly see a Sony device about the size of the Reader Daily Edition making a splash, especially if it’s tied in with Sony’s new push at a unified online experience — and dare we hope for tablet remix of the Dash Internet Viewer (pictured above) based on the Chumby OS? Time will tell.

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February 5, 2010 at 9:09 AM

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