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OMG When Will Avatar Ever Die?

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“Avatar” once again dominates this weekend’s U.S. Box Office raking in $30 million dollars beating out Mel Gibson’s new thriller “Edge of Darkness.” That brings its domestic take at about $594 million approaching closer to the $601 million domestic box office record currently held by “Titanic.” Not that I hate the movie “Avatar” but only that James Cameron’s ego will remain up his ass until the day he dies. With two of his movies being at the top two grossing movies of all time I can’t imagine him ever being like-able.

1. Avatar: $30,000,000
2. Edge Of Darkness: $17,120,000
3. When In Rome: $12,065,000
4. Tooth Fairy: $10,000,000
5. The Book Of Eli: $8,770,000
6. Legion: $6,800,000
7. The Lovely Bones: $4,735,000
8. Sherlock Holmes: $4,510,000
9. Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel: $4,000,000
10. It’s Complicated: $3,720,400
11. The Blind Side: $3,020,000
12. Up In The Air: $2,700,000

Weekend of 01/29/2010 to 01/31/2010

Box Office Figures Provided By Rentrak Corporation


Written by Brando P

January 31, 2010 at 10:45 PM

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