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India May Have Found Organic Matter on the Moon…

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That’s right bitches. You guys (society) laughed at me when I said there are ancient alien structures on the dark side of the moon but who’s laughing now?! (me). Seems like every country and their mother is making a trip to space and India is no different. Shortly after the announcement that scientists discovered the presence of water on the moon’s surface, they are  announcing that they may have found organic matter on the moon as well. [Article via io9]

Earth’s moon is looking less barren by the hour. Just months after scientists announced the presence of water on the moon’s surface, Indian scientists are saying they may have found organic matter on the moon as well.

Surendra Pal, associate director of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Satellite Centre, told news outlet DNA India that the Chandrayaan-1 probe detected chemical signals of what may be organic matter on the moon’s surface. The information is currently being analyzed by ISRO researchers as well as peer reviewed. At a press conference yesterday, NASA’s own chief lunar scientist Mike Wargo indicated that NASA is intrigued by the possibility and very interested in learning more about ISRO’s results.

ISRO is also exploring how organic matter might have found its way to the lunar surface in the first place — whether it might have be the result of meteor or comet strikes, or even left behind by a human instrument.

If it turns out that the moon does hold organic matter that wasn’t placed there by humans, it could help us better understand how organic matter travels through the universe and could provide yet another natural resource for an eventual lunar colony.

Indian scientists detect signs of life on Moon [DNA India via Universe Today — Thanks to Enon for the heads up]


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December 16, 2009 at 10:32 PM

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