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Chris Brown Sings About Rihanna Still

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[Article via Idiolator]

Chris Brown’s Graffiti has leaked, so now everyone who still believes in his talent can point to something besides “Forever” — and everyone who hates him can listen for free. The one track that everyone’s sure listen closely to is “Famous Girl,” a song that couldn’t be more obviously about Rihanna unless it was called “Rihanna (My Ex-Girlfriend, You Know, The One I Beat Up).” A closer look at the track’s lyrics behind the jump:

A breakdown of the lyrics to “Famous Girl” (courtesy of Toya’s World):

“Drake would say that you’re the best he ever had…”
(In a recent chat, Drake didn’t exactly deny rumors that he had sorta dated Rihanna).

“Rumors come and go. Everywhere you go it follows. Can’t understand I still love you. I thought I found the right woman. There were other guys who thought the same about her. Damn you let me down, because you’re famous [girl] for breakin’ hearts. You were first to play the game though. Sorry I bust the windows out ya car…”
(A probation report on Brown said that he broke the windows of the couple’s Range Rover on a visit to her native Barbados, before their infamous pre-Grammy night encounter).

“I might have cheated in the beginning…”
(The argument that night was prompted by Rihanna’s discovery of a text message from a woman Brown had slept with.)

“I was wrong for writing ‘Disturbia’…”
(Yes, he really did co-write the number one smash).

“You thought you found the right man. There were other girls who thought the same thing about me. I guess I’m famous [girl] for breakin’ hearts”.

To be fair, Rihanna’s not exactly keeping mum on her feelings towards Chris Brown on Rated-R; the whole album is about lost love and feeling depressed and stupid. But while RiRi mostly kept her thoughts buried in metaphors, “Famous Girl” is aimed squarely and clearly at his ex. Seriously, did nothing rhyme with “Rihanna”?

And while Chris comes across as truly regretful in almost non-stop interviews the last few months, the message of this song is pretty much “You let me down, I guess I’m not perfect either, oh well, that’s who I am.” Not exactly an apology note, is it?


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December 2, 2009 at 12:58 AM

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