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iMacs Delivered Dead on Arrival

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The sexy iMac from Apple has been flying off the shelves and into consumer’s hands broken. It seems that although Apple makes great over-priced products but can’t manage to package their shit correctly. Two issues that have been brought up when consumers receive their iMac has been a cracked screen or completely non-functional. [Article via Gizmodo]

There’s some grumbling going on in forums and other blogs about Core i7 iMacs showing up DOA much more often than you’d expect from a brand-new computer.

The two types of issues we’re seeing most are cracks in the screen and a completely dead computer on delivery. What’s most plausible is that the packaging just wasn’t designed to handle the size and weight of the giant 27-inch iMac as it gets tossed around the cab of a FedEx truck. Apple has so far been extremely responsive and effective in making repairs and exchanges, but it’s still a discomfiting sign—if you’re about to buy a new iMac, you might want to wait and see if Apple announces a fix for whatever’s going on before you take the plunge. [Apple Forums via Engadget]


Written by Brando P

November 24, 2009 at 11:55 AM

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