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Cyberbike- Wii’s New Accessory

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I have always defended Wii’s innovative accessories. Even with the Wii Motion Plus I was there saying that this is a good step forward for Nintendo. To deliver what the system was suppose to do in the first place. But this…this thing is just going overboard. A new cyber bike? Really? My living room is filled up as is. Where am I going to put a bike? This is so dumb. Nintendo needs to stop turning my living room into a gym and start making software again. There will be no limit to this. Article via Kotaku.

By Mike Fahey10:20 AM on Mon Oct 12 2009, 15,068 views

Here’s the pack shot for Cyberbike, the Nintendo Wii exercise game that comes with its very own, full-size exercise bike packed right in.

The Cyberbike comes from European publisher Bigben Interactive, who generally deal more in video game accessories than they do full0-fledged titles, and when you get right down to it, the Cyberbike contains a lot more accessory than it does game. The game that comes packed-in places you in the role of an eco-citizen, using your head and legs to clean up the planet. You clear pollution by riding over land, sea, and air, powering your strange vehicles with your feet.

The game is due for release in January 2010, and in case you are worried about only having one game to use it with, the Cyberbike is also compatible with Mario Kart Wii, so there is that at least. I’m not seeing any word on pricing, but I’d estimate the European release will run somewhere around more than you are willing to pay.

Scroll down for a look at the bike next to a rather petite woman, as well as a screenshot of what you’ll be doing with the bike once you have it.


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October 12, 2009 at 11:31 PM

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